no one is coming
to save you

luckily, you've got all you need to save yourself

I know you.

I see you. I am you.


Everything healing starts with truth and I'm here to tell you the honest truth. The truth no one else will tell you. The truth that will set the blaze that will burn down your old life and make way for your new one.

I work with high-achieving women who struggle with doing so much and yet still not living life on their terms. If you're wildly exhausted but still reaching for a life you're proud of, that fulfills you, that is truly abundant, I see you. You are not alone.

Don't be scared. You can do this.

Oh You Want The

personal version?

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Over a killer charcuterie board spread wearing a bold red lip I’d tell you that:

I know I’m an INFJ/TJ, Ennegram 8 (maybe 1? Too close to call). Achiever/Input/Intellection/Futuristic/Individualizer on Strengths Finder and an overall personality test junkie. (Oh, and HSP empath if you’re really wondering.)

I know an extra dirty gin martini with blue cheese olives can help with a multitude of the day’s sins.

I know that we arrive on this earth with gifts and purpose and that it's easy to lose touch with those. I know because I've been the woman looking around wondering whose life I was living. Knowing I was way off course but wondering how the hell to turn the thing around. I know the pain of having forgotten yourself. 

I know.

Winnie & Perry

I know that my rescue pups rescue me way more than I’ve ever rescued them.

I know that my biggest fear, the thing that shakes me awake with a pounding heart, is getting to the end and realizing I never did what I was here to do.
And I know that if you would’ve asked me 10 years ago if I’d be doing this work I would’ve laughed so I hard I actually cried. But that’s how this crazy life goes: Sometimes you’re born knowing what you’re here to do and sometimes it takes 2368 tears, 673 blue cheese olives, 312 RHONY reruns, 289 journal pages, and one single defining moment to finally decide it's time to get to work.
Winnie & Perry

Work With Me

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The Single Session

Investment: $500

This session is for you if you need the space to work through something on your mind. We don't always need months-long packages, sometimes we need a little space and feedback and a lot of empathy. Come with your problem, leave with clarity and peace.

We'll spend 60 minutes getting you fortified and ready to make your next move.

Woman working on laptop

Custom Packages

Investment: starts at $1000/month

Most meaningful goals and sizable life changes require significant effort and time. You deserve ongoing, meaningful support and a custom solution.

A quick 20 minute chat helps determine if we’re a good fit. Book some time on my calendar using the button below.

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Group Coaching

Investment: starts at $400/month/person

Have a group of girlfriends who are all feeling a little stuck, restless, stifled, or just ready to make a change but not sure how? Girls weekends, cocktail hours, and book clubs are great, but sometimes you need some outside perspective from a pro.

Why not step it up a notch and invest in a coach together? A quick 20 minute chat helps determine if we’re a good fit. Book some time on my calendar using the button below.


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When you work with Stephanie you're going to need a seatbelt. Meeting with Stephanie is like having your best friend as your business partner. She's witty and down-to-earth, full of fresh ideas, and a blast to talk to. Mentally prepare yourself for some HUGE leaps in your life. She helps you organize your thoughts, get a game plan, and put that plan into action.

Ann H.

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What struck me working with Stephanie was the firm encouragement to try something out of my comfort zone that I hadn't considered yet! I felt heard, understood and validated. I'm going step by step and it feels good!

Patty H.

Quotation marks

Stephanie is all in. Working with her is like having a second brain - she brings an objective view to your challenges and is fully invested in your success. I appreciated Stephanie’s genuineness. I felt like she genuinely cared about the challenges I was facing and wanted to help. I felt heard and like she believed in me and my potential at a moment when I was feeling doubtful. Stephanie helped me focus and prioritize so I could get over the big hurdles of launching my website and putting myself out there. Finally having a web presence after 3 years of effort is a dream come true. In the few weeks since our session I created an opt-in, launched my website (3 years in the making), met with an accountant, bought bookkeeping software, and created and sold my first e-product (two orders in the first 12 hours after launch.) Thank you!

Alexis P.

Quotation marks

Stephanie helped me get unstuck so I started taking action. She also got me to focus on what felt right to me and encouraged me to follow my intuition. That's been huge for me. Stephanie persistently seeks results for her clients and won't rest until they have results. I can’t wait to send other people to her!

Kristina B.

Quotation marks

Stephanie is such a warm and giving person. Her kind spirit is the secret ingredient. People should know that they can expect a balance of support and accountability. Stephanie has a wonderful way of showing empathy while at the same time making sure people need to take responsibility for their choices. Cheerleading is vastly underrated but so is asking people the hard questions because if your clients aren’t getting results, no one is coming out ahead.

Jen H.

Quotation marks

I love how compassionate Stephanie is, but she’s also very straight-forward. She gets to the heart of the issue and starts outlining a clear and simple action plan. No confusion, no overwhelm. Since working with Stephanie I've been more focused and productive and I'm feeling much less overwhelmed. YOU. EFFING. ROCK.

Shannon L.

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Working with Stephanie has been a highlight of my experience as an entrepreneur. From her warm approach in emails, to her contagious energy during calls, working with Stephanie is a pleasure, and she’s helped me find both confidence and courage in my biz.

The best part of working with Stephanie is that she asks great questions. Not run-of-the-mill ones either – Stephanie pours her energy and experience into making sure that the time you spend together is going to help move your business forward. The answers to those questions may send you back to the drawing board at times…but Stephanie is there to guide you onto your new (and improved!) path with her upbeat, yet candid feedback.

Devon S.

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Stephanie is very understanding of real life and even though the things we talked were not ground moving I can see how they will make a huge impact in the long run and to me that is much more valuable.

Stephanie is real and up front, she will tell it how it is, in a nice, understanding way. Stephanie wants to help people succeed!
Our session got me thinking about things and opened up some ideas. It is nice to talk to someone who gets it once in awhile. I seriously automatically felt better about things just from talking about it.

Maddie D.

Quotation marks

Stephanie knows what she’s doing, I walked away with a huge amount of knowledge on how to improve my business and myself. Plus, she is SO easy to relate to. I felt like I was speaking with a friend.

Immediately after our session I took Stephanie’s advice and started focusing on my business during the most productive times and saw a HUGE improvement in results. The next day I redid my daily schedule and was able to start recording my video trainings before focusing on any other business tasks.
You rock!!! <3

Katherine S.

zero sugar coating

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