Hot Take: Your Gifts Aren’t Yours

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We’ve all heard about our gifts. The ones we come with. Things that are as natural as breathing.

They’re beautiful and necessary and the more you use them the more good you can do.

That said, they’re not yours. Not really anyway.

I told you this was a hot take. Someone may skewer me for saying it. But, I think there’s a lot of freedom in this when detach from the ownership.

So if they’re not yours then whose are they?

Well, I see them as less of a possession and more of a flow. You are the vessel through which they flow. Some people may refer to them as “sacred power” or something that might turn off the less woo-inclined, but I think you’ll do just as well to refer to them as a flow of your power or gifts.

Yes, you embody and exude the gifts that flow through you. Yes, they come easy to you and yes, you can choose to be a steward of those gifts or a denier of them. But, ultimately, they aren’t you and they aren’t a possession. They flow through you.

And I believe you have a responsibility to us all to open up the proverbial door and allow the flow of those gifts to shine as brightly as possible.

If we lived in a world where everyone, especially women, were encouraged to allow their gifts to flow through them without shame or questioning we would be looking at a much different world.

You get to make the choice: Will you swing the door open and allow your gifts to flow through you and out into the world without question or apprehension or will you hedge? Will you crack the door and check with everyone else about their thoughts first? Will you dim your light so as not to offend anyone with your gifts?

If I get a vote I say kick the door open, let a tidal wave of beauty rush through it and call everyone around to see! Because just because they aren’t yours to hold in your hand doesn’t mean you can’t be loud and proud about what gifts flow through you into the world for the greater good.

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