The Vibration of Success

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We’ve all rolled our eyes when we hear the cliches about good vibes. What does that even mean anyway? 

Good vibes. 

Seems like a bypass of sorts to me. The kind where you bring up something valid and someone doesn’t want to deal with it so they throw out a platitude like, “Good vibes only!” 

But, there’s something here. Something real that, if we can really take a moment to connect with it, really speaks to a very simple guidance system for our life and our work.

What if we changed it to: High vibes.

Or: High vibrations only.

As high-achievers we tend to think quickly and deeply. We consider all the angles and possibilities and worst-case scenarios. We consider how we’ll be perceived and if this will ruin our life and what if there’s no money to be made or there’s no market for what we’re doing.

There is some validity in all of this thinking (read: over thinking) but there’s also angst and energy drainage.

What if we decided to keep our vibrations high? What does that look like?

Simply put, we move toward things that raise our energy and avoid those things that drain our energy. 

Whether it’s your work, your friends, the family you interact with, tv you watch, books you read, thoughts you think or anything else in your orbit the only thing you need to ask yourself is: Does this give me energy or drain my energy? 

If it drains your energy try to move it out of your life. If you can’t move it out then figure out a way to minimize your interactions and fortify yourself ahead of interactions. Then, afterwards do something high vibe to counteract the energy ding.

We weren’t made to suffer. 

We weren’t made to just make it by.

We weren’t made to battle everyday.

We were made to thrive. 

We were made to grow and evolve.

We were made to be happy and to share our joy with others.

We were made to be high vibe. 

If it brings you energy then move towards it. Engage with it more. It’s as simple as that.

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